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What do onboarding and breakfast have in common?

Hopefully your first thought on reading this title is not, "What's onboarding?". Just to be safe, though, let's quickly define the term so that we're all on the same page. Onboarding is the act of integrating anyone new - be they employees, team members, clients, vendors, etc. - into your little corner of the corporate world.

Back to the title. What DO onboarding and breakfast have in common? Unlike breakfast, onboarding is rarely described as delicious. Or nutritious. But both are, in their own very different ways, essential. This blog post will cover new team member onboarding (not breakfast!), but suffice to say that skipping breakfast is a very bad idea. As is skimping on onboarding.

Like the cool kids in high school, your company has its own unique language, abbreviations and nicknames, not to mention, its own perspective on the world. Imagine being dropped into this world without any guidance! You'd feel as lost as Lindsay Lohan's character in Mean Girls. And just as overwhelmed, which is not the feeling you want to impart to new hires.

Which brings us back to onboarding and how you can help your new hires make sense of their new world. With a little preparation, insight, and empathy, your onboarding process will get new folks inducted while keeping them happy, motivated, and determined to succeed.

The next blog post will cover onboarding specifics to help you set up a fantastico onboarding process.

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