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How to attain client services consistency (hint: there's a secret weapon)

Your company is expanding and your client list is growing! It's finally time to expand your services team into something a little more substantial than a one-person shop. Congratulations! This is the perfect time to start documenting your current services processes, namely, all of the steps or actions that your team takes with the end of achieving client satisfaction.

Ultimately, this document communicates your clients' expectations to your services staff, things like, how your clients like things done, service level agreements, which stakeholders to keep in the loop, how to handle different types of requests, product tips and tricks, etc.

New team members will use this doc as their handy dandy daily guide. They'll likely want to print it out and keep it close by, especially when they're first starting out. Experienced team members will use it for reference and to eliminate guesswork. Ultimately, this doc will level the playing field by providing a single frame of reference for all team members.

There are two "gotchas" to keep in mind when you're putting this reference doc together. As I mentioned in another post, it needs to be a 'living' document that is a real-time reflection of the current business processes.

Second, and more crucially, are cultural and perhaps leadership implications. The team will have to actively "buy in" to the new processes and show their commitment by modifying their work habits as processes are changed. This can be a daunting prospect if continuous improvement is not part of your organizational culture, from the top down.

I'll follow up on this topic on our next post.